Finn is an educational centre that is permitted to apply the UK awarding body curriculum certified by the United Kingdom’s Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations (Ofqual) and institutions under the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Thailand. Finn, founded since 2014 with over 200 students

Final year degrees offered in

  • BA (Hons) Business Administration
  • BA (Hons) Business Management
  • BA (Hons) Business Enterprise
  • BA (Hons) Global Business
  • BA (Hons) Business Management with Enterprise and Innovation
  • BA (Hons) Digital Marketing
  • BA (Hons) Marketing Management
  • BA (Hons) Live Events Production
  • BA (Hons) Accounting and Management
  • BA (Hons) International Business
  • BA (Hons) Commerce and international business
  • BA (Hons) Business Management and Strategy
  • BA (Hons) International Logistics and Trade Finance
  • BA (Hons) International Hospitality and Tourism Managemant
  • BA (Hons) Travel and Tourism Management
  • BA (Hons) Travel and Tourism
  • BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management
  • BA (Hons) International Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Management : Hospitality and Food
Students are to study at Finn in the first two years of study and at one of the over 100 prestigious universities in Britain, Australia and Singapore in the third year. Students can choose which university they would like to attend. Upon graduation, students would receive transcript and Bachelor’s degree from an overseas university. Each of which has been certified of their competence and academic standing from Government of the United Kingdom and the Office of the Civil Service Commission of Thailand.

Strength of Finn is its focus on educational quality. All institutions selected must be evaluated every year. Exams, documents and reports need to be delivered directly from Britain and back to Britain for evaluation to assure that the quality of each subject and class reach the UK Government’s standard.

Currently, over 1000 institutions worldwide use the same curriculum as Finn. Even Singapore, whose educational standard ranks second to none among ASEAN member states, has 13 institutions while Malaysia has 3 institutions. This definitely highlights the quality of this curriculum.
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