Do you know?

  • Why are most chief executives in the world’s renowned companies graduated abroad?
  • Why are most of the prestigious scholarships in Thailand given for studying abroad?
  • Why do parents pay “hundreds of thousands” each year to send their kids to international school hoping that they would be studying abroad afterward?
  • Why do undergrad students in famous Thai universities, after graduating, try so hard to go study abroad?

Famous University in Thailand

World Prestigious University

The word “study abroad” here means studying in Britain, Australia and the United States of America because these countries are the locations of “the world’s top” universities that top companies over the world recognize and accept.

Not just those prestigious universities in Thailand that become unknown in other parts of the world

In addition to that, there are 6 more reasons why studying abroad is way better :

  • 1. Having foreign friends not only widens your connection but also helps you understand cultural differences allowing you to work with foreigners effectively.
  • 2. Studying abroad will surely improve your English skills and also your confidence in academic presentation.
  • 3. Britain, Australia and the United States are all pioneers in terms of academia and research. Most textbooks in Thai universities are translated from foreign ones. So, studying in these countries means to gain knowledge directly from the source.
  • 4. Normally, these countries do not require their students to have any degree. They are able to work after they finish high school or get a diploma. This means that university students there are those who really want to study. Thus, it is a great opportunity to focus on study. The environment where people are eager to participate and assertive in class allows international students to have confidence and critical mind.
  • 5. Living abroad requires you to be more responsible for your own life.
  • 6. Living in a developed country is like living in a futuristic world. You will see the direction the world is leading to and know what is it Thailand lacks.

In the past, studying in Britain, Australia or the United States might seem to be impossible; it comes with such high costs and you need to have a well-prepared educational background.

However, now, Finn brings bachelor-degree programmes created by the Education Committee of the United Kingdom for Thai students who are not graduated from international schools. In the first 2 years, the courses are instructed in Thailand while students would be studying in prestigious universities in Britain, Australia or Switzerland in the last year. Upon graduation, students would acquire “Bachelor degree” directly from the university chosen in the last year just like those who study abroad from the start.

All universities abroad in the third year are certified by the United Kingdom Government and the Office of the Civil Service Commission (OCSC).

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