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Whenever the topic of “studying abroad” is raised, most people are talking about Britain, Australia and the United States of America, because these countries are home to “the world’s best” universities that big companies all over the world recognize and accept, which is in contrast to many prestigious Thai universities whose reputation does not extend beyond the border.

In addition to that, there are 6 more reasons why studying abroad is a better alternative :

In the past, studying in Britain, Australia or the United States was a daunting challenge for many students, as it was usually associated with exorbitant costs not to mention a myriad of other hassles.

However, Finn has made bachelor-degree programmes created by the Education Committee of the United Kingdom a lot more accessible to Thai students who may not have any experience in international education.  In the first 2 years, students will have to complete fundamental courses to earn enough credits to be eligible for level 4 and 5 diploma. Only then will they be able to choose a university in Britain, Australia or Switzerland to do their full-time internship. Upon graduation, students will receive a certificate of “Bachelor’s degree” directly from their chosen university.

All universities that the students will attend for their internship in the third year are certified by the United Kingdom Government and the Office of the Civil Service Commission (OCSC).

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