Registration and Tution Fees in Thailand & UK

Registration and Tuition Fees

Two years of study expenses in Thailand at Finn

, Fees
, Fees

Tuition fees for studying 2 years in Thailand
( 4 semester for studying and 2 semesters for an internship and IELTS preparation)

SemesterTimeCreditTuition fee (Baht)
Study period and Tuition fees
Registration Fee55,000
Semester 112 weeks9075,000
Semester 212 weeks5585,000
Semester 312 weeks9085,000
Semester 412 weeks8585,000
Semester 512 weeks (intern)n/a85,000
Semester 612 weeks (intern)n/a85,000

**Please note that the fees of THB 85,000 in the 5th and 6th semester are not for internship. They are the credit fees carried over from semester 1 to semester 4. This means instead of having to pay a large amount in each of the four semesters, students can space out their payment across 6 semesters which makes a great financial relief.

Registration and Tuition Fees

Tuition and expenses last year (3rd year) in UK

, Fees
, Fees
, Fees

Tuition fees about THB 500,000 – 700,000 per year

**(depending on the university selected)

Living costs around THB 40,000 per month

**(accommodation included)

*We will help our students through the process of university preparation, and will be fully responsible for visa applications and booking airline tickets.

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