Boonraksa Suksakulwut (Fah)

Boonraksa Suksakulwut (Fah)

Finn 4

“I decided to study at Finn because I could study in Thailand for the first two years and spend only the final year in the UK. This is the best choice for me who afraid of being away from home for too long. I wouldn’t be able to get a degree if I have to be abroad for three years long. After finishing our first two years at Finn, we also got some time to prepare for taking IELTS. When I had any question, there were always teachers and staff who could give advices or answers to me. And for my final year at Northampton, I met many amazing people who were kind
and supportive, especially the professors and my foreign classmates.”

BA (Hons) Business and Management

The University of Northampton — listed in Top 50 Best universities in the UK

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