Gridtaporn Ngafa (Bow)

Gridtaporn Ngafa (Bow)

Finn 3

“I have always been interested in business field, so I decided to study at Finn. Not only there are degrees offered in business field, the curriculum also is the British-based degree program
which after two years of studying at Finn, I could go to study and get my degree at a top university in the UK. Another important reason is the experienced teachers and staff who could
provide all the needed advices and information for us, both in academic and real-life stuff. For my classmates here, they were so nice and we helped each other very well.”

BA (Hons) Marketing Management (2nd class honours)

The university of Northampton – listed in Top 50 Best universities in the UK

Currently studying for master degree in MSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management at Bournemouth University

certificate of Gridtaporn Ngafa (Bow)
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