Teetat Piyayotai (Dew)

Teetat Piyayotai (Dew)

Working Position :

The owner of Tokyoxxx Premium, Ari, the yakiniku restaurant serving A5 Wagyu (Top 10 in premium yakiniku restaurants ranking by Wongnai)

Finn 6

“I first hear about Finn from my parents. They had been searching for a degree program of many universities in Thailand and the foreign countries for me to study. Then, They came up with Finn and I definitely agreed with them. I got many nice friends and helpful teachers and staff which is something as important as the knowledge I got from each class at the college. For those who afraid studying at Finn might be too difficult, I could guarantee you that it’s not that hard if you are willing and paying enough attention.”

Graduated  in Digital Marketing from The University of Birmingham — listed in Top 10 UK Best University and Top 84 World University on QS Ranking

certificate of Teetat Piyayotai (Dew)
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