Why Finn

Uniqueness of Finn

Finn provides more effective than other international double-degree programs since the bachelor’s degree curriculum used here are directly sent from the government of the United Kingdom. Finn has been operated since 2014 and is the only institution that can guarantee that graduated students here are able to study their undergraduate level in prestigious universities abroad.

Finn has been open for over 6 years. There are almost 300 students studying with us.

Study the first 2 years in Thailand at the Finn Institute, Ari, in the heart of Bangkok.

Year 3 (final year) Students will choose faculties and majors at leading international universities.

Fulfill qualifications more than others. "Bachelor degree in English only 3 years, good language, work experience"

All final year universities are officially recognised by the government of their home country and the office of the Civil Service Commission of Thailand (OC SC)

A team of highly qualified and experienced faculty working in the field of management

Study in an internationally recognized curriculum Both academic and practical

3 times cheaper than studying abroad directly in the program.

Not good at English, can learn There is a "free" English language tutoring program during study.

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