Why Finn

Uniqueness of Finn

We offer an educational opportunity unparalleled by any other international double-degree programs. What makes us different is that our students will hold a degree fully accredited by the government of United Kingdom. Finn has been in operation since 2014, and is the only institute that can guarantee students a place of study at one of the UK’ most prestigios seats of learning

With seven years of experience, we have been part of success for almost 300 students in our care.

Study the first 2 years in Thailand at the Finn Institute, Ari, in the heart of Bangkok.

Year 3 (final year) Students will choose faculties and majors at leading international universities.

Stay ahead of the game by completing your first degree faster than your friends while developing personal and professional skills for your future career.

All final year universities are officially recognised by the government of their home country and the office of the Civil Service Commission of Thailand (OC SC)

A team of highly qualified and experienced faculty working in the field of management

Future-proof education with internationally-recognized curriculum

Save you three times as much money compared to the conventional program

Is English not your strong suit? Have no fear! We provide quality language tutoring program to get you up tp speed completely free of charge.

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