Sina Pongakaravanich (Erng)

Sina Pongakaravanich (Erng)

Finn 7

“The reason that I decided to study at Finn is the 3-year bachelor degree programs which are administered by a British awarding body which is recognized by the United Kingdom’s Office of Qualifications and Exmainations Regulations (Ofqual). And the most important part is the final year that we can make our own choice of the university and major. The first two years at Finn would provide and prepare us language skills, knowledge and techniques of learning which is very important for our final year in the UK. The classes were enjoyable with all the teachers who were always willing to support us and give explanation to us when we have questions or problems with the lessons.”

BA (Hons) International Management

Bournemouth University — 1 of the 150 best modern universities in the world by the Times higher education website in England

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