Education at FINN

FINN College requires students to study in Thailand for 2 academic years. Each year comprises 3 semesters. In the first 4 semesters, students are to learn theoretically and practice in real situations as well. Students also have opportunities to meet top companies. In semester 5 and 6, they are to perform a full-time internship with those top companies in their field.

Upon completion of 2 years of study at Finn College in Thailand, students will receive Level4,5 Diploma (Higher National Diploma level) directly from the Education Committee of the United Kingdom which is certified by The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual). The Diploma is also guaranteed by the United Kingdom Government and the Office of the CivilService Commission (OCSC).

In the last year, students are able to choose one university in the United Kingdom, Australia or Switzerland to complete their Bachelor degree.

Transcript and Bachelor Degree are provided directly from the university abroad at the endof the third year as if those who study there in the first place. All universities are certified by the United Kingdom Government and the Office of the Civil Service Commission (OCSC). Students can also seek consults from professors at Finn College who can help with assignments, reports and give advice on education or daily life problems.

**After finish 2 years at FInn College, we guarantee that all students are able to study in undergraduate level abroad. Finn College is responsible to coordinate with universities including accommodation, documents and all visa procedure.

***All universities abroad in the third year are certified by the United Kingdom Government and the Office of the Civil Service Commission (OCSC).

Final year degrees offered

: BA (Hons) Business Administration
: BA (Hons) Business Management
: BA (Hons) Business Enterprise
: BA (Hons) Business Management with Enterprise and Innovation
: BA (Hons) Digital Marketing
: BA (Hons) Marketing
: BA (Hons) Event Management
: BA (Hons) Accounting and Management
: BA (Hons) International Business
: BA (Hons) International Business Communication
: BA (Hons) Human Resource Management
: BA (Hons) International Logistics and Trade Finance
Final year degrees offered in: Tourism and Hospitality
 : BA (Hons) International Hospitality and Tourism Managemant
: BA (Hons) Travel and Tourism Management
: BA (Hons) Travel and Tourism
: BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management
: BA (Hons) International Tourism,
Hospitality and Leisure Management : Hospitality and Food

Tuition fees for studying 2 years in Thailand

Semester Time Credit Tuition fee (Baht)
Registration Fee 55,000
Semester 1 12 weeks 90 75,000
Semester 2 12 weeks 55 85,000
Semester 3 12 weeks 90 85,000
Semester 4 12 weeks 85 85,000
Semester 5 12 weeks (intern) n/a 85,000
Semester 6 12 weeks (intern) n/a 85,000
Total Internship 320 555,000

Unit Number Course Name Unit Credits
TTO Travel and tourism operations 20
TTS Travel and tourism supervision 25
TG Travel geography 20
DA Destination analysis 25
Total Credit 90

This unit covers assessing the tourism sector and the factors that affect participation in tourism, delivering travel and tourism services and tour guiding services.

This unit covers managing a travel agency, managing tour provision and managing staff performance.

This unit covers understanding the features of travel geography, patterns of domestic and international tourism and the nature of tourism destinations.

This unit covers understanding the principles of destination analysis, carrying out a destination audit and assessing the factors that affect tourism destination development.

Unit Number Course Name Unit Credits
EFTH Essentials of finance 15
CSMTH Customer service management 20
GTH Global tourism and hospitality 20
Total Credit 55

This unit enables students to gain an understanding of main sources of finance, to understand the relationships between cost volume and profit, to carry out specific costing practices and make recommendations on prices and interpret business performance using recognised tools. It is an in-depth accounting unit, and this should be borne in mind when planning and executing the delivery.

  • Sources of income generation and funding
  • Cost and effective control systems
  • Marginal cost and pricing decisions
  • Operating budget preparation
  • Financial ratio analysis

This unit covers the management of customer service operations, managing the resolution customers’ queries and complaints, analysing the effectiveness of customer service in hospitality or tourism and understanding the use of quality systems in the tourism and hospitality industry.

This unit covers understanding the size and scope of the global tourism and hospitality industry, the food and accommodation sub-sectors it, the issues and influences affecting it and the growth of global tourism and hospitality brands.

  • Stakeholders of industry
  • Factors affecting accommodation location decision
  • The develop of industry and reasons for change
  • Branding and brand loyalty
Unit Number Course Name Unit Credits
OFTH Operational finance 15
HRMTHI Human resource management 25
SMTHI Strategic marketing 25
CRMTHI Customer relationship management 25
Total Credit 90

This unit covers understanding the concepts of financial management and accounting within a hospitality or tourism business; controlling the finances and managing the cash flow and manage the profitability of a department within a hospitality or tourism business.

This unit covers understanding the principles of human resource (HR) management in the tourism and hospitality industry; leading teams and developing human resources policies.

This unit covers contributing to the development of marketing and sales strategies in the tourism and hospitality industry; optimising marketing communications, building strategic partnerships, new product development and understanding the purpose and components of an organisational business plan.

This unit covers developing a customer service strategy in the tourism and hospitality industry; managing customer relationships (CRM) and evaluating customer service.

Unit Number Course Name Unit Credits
CITHI Contemporary issues in the tourism and hospitality industry 25
TOM Tour operations management 30
STDD Sustainable tourism and destination development 30
Total Credit 85

This unit covers understanding how to identify emerging issues in the tourism and hospitality industry and examining their impact.

This unit covers understanding the global market for tour operations; compiling and marketing an international tour/package holiday and understanding the international legal framework within tour operations.

This unit covers an understanding of the scope and management of sustainable tourism and its environment and destination development.